Spiderbook Redefines CRM, Creates 10x More Accurate Customer Relationship Predictor

Top-performing sales people spend a lot of time gathering information to get to know their prospects and their prospects’ businesses. They carry out background research – on Linkedin, Twitter, community forums, company websites, news articles and the list goes on – to understand the company, the department, and the people they hope to build a relationship with. Many use CRM (customer relationship management) tools to handle the routine tasks associated with the sales process.

Unfortunately, while CRM solutions are good for tracking the progress of a sale, they are inept when it comes to actually help close the deal. Even if a sales rep can adequately manage all of their tasks, there is still too much content for one person to digest and use. But, what if they had a system that automatically processed all of the deal-closing business intelligence and served it up in an easy-to-use interface?

Spiderbook, a start-up headquartered in San Francisco, was founded by Aman Naimat and Alan Fletcher to solve those problems. If the adoption rate for their service is any indication, all signs point to a rousing success.

Aman and his team of three fellow NLP developers built SpiderGraph, which uses AlchemyAPI’s Keyword ExtractionEntity Extraction and Language Detection REST APIs to forge business intelligence based on everything from the public-facing records like press releases, websites, blogs, PR and digital marketing content to private business profiles accessed through partnerships with data services providers.

“We go beyond traditional CRM by using natural language processing and named entity recognition to understand businesses,” Aman explains. “We are curious to know how they partner, details on acquisitions, the products they sell, branding, SEC listings and even the types of resources that they look for in job posts.”

Spiderbook’s story describes how the team at Spiderbook is seeking to change the way sales people “connect the dots among companies, people, partners, products and documents.”

– by AlchemyAPI

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