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Gathering data for sales is all about creating a better relationship with your customers and increasing sales. You can establish trust and a personal connection by checking out their social profiles, understand their needs by looking at their job posts, keep up on the latest developments by subscribing to Google Alerts, and understand their business priorities and risks by skimming their SEC filings.


The biggest thing to remember, though, is not to fall into the “Big Data Black Hole,” where nothing escapes and data isn’t useful.

There is often more data available about your customers and their companies than a salesperson can (or should) look at. Data can be distilled in different ways, but everyone needs access to a minimal data set that includes:

  • Type of industry
  • Amount of revenue
  • Employee count
  • Location
  • Key management
  • Interactions
  • Network

Beyond this minimal set, the data you need really depends on the product you’re selling or the type of business relationship you want to establish. What’s more, the data you gather doesn’t have to be about leads; there’s a lot of other useful information out there. For example, where did your customers hear about you first? Which social media sites should you focus on?

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Welcome to the Most Innovative Business for Data Solutions

Spiderbook most innovative business data solution

We’re excited to announce that Spiderbook has just won the DataWeek + API World 2014 award for Most Innovative Business Data Solution! Spiderbook was selected by crowd vote, where thousands of DevNetwork community members voted on the top Data + API technologies of 2014.

“This year’s DataWeek + API World crowd vote was our most active awards voting yet, with over 100 nominated technologies! What makes many award recipients this year stand out is the number of IT / infrastructure tools that are now available to developers or executives “as-a-service”. This shows how revolutionary Infrastructure-as-a-Service will be” – Geoff Domoracki, Founder of DataWeek + API World

As DataWeek + API World awards recipients, our team will be attending and participating in this year’s conference & expo. We’re offering 50 free OPEN passes (for the Expo, Keynotes, and Open Talks) to our community, register here:

About DataWeek + API World 2014

DataWeek + API World 2014 Conference & Expo (Sept 13-17) is San Francisco’s largest Data + API conference of 2014 – where you can attend 100+ talks lead by executives and interact with 200+ new data & API technologies, DataWeek + API World includes speakers from Google, IBM, Linkedin, The Economist, ReadWrite, HP, Dun & Bradstreet, Leap Motion,,, and hundreds more covering topics across Big Data, Data Science-as-a-Service, API Design, Data Visualization, Connected Cars, and the Internet of Things.

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