Demandbase and Spiderbook: A Match Made in ABM Heaven

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We all talk about the importance of customer centricity in the sales cycle, but the reality is that typical revenue funnels, from Marketing to deal close, are misaligned and ineffective with 99% of the targets being lost along the way. As a result, your next B2B buyer is lumped together with the other 99% of bad leads who will never buy, and so they are relegated to the same low quality experience with your brand as everyone else.


Your next B2B buyer can’t be on a generic assembly line with a 0.1% prospect-to-deal conversion rate. Your next buyer belongs in a curated experience tailored to their specific business requirements and pain points. We have all been buyers, and we want to work with people and brands who know us, can anticipate our needs, and can help us achieve our goals and business objectives. We want this experience, not just on the web, but across all channels: digital marketing, in sales conversations, at events, with customer success, and everywhere else we interact with the brand. This is the future we all want as buyers. Together with Demandbase, we are inventing that future.


The Solution

Enter Spiderbook. Our solution, although technologically Herculean, is conceptually straightforward. We’ve built a system that replicates the intuition and knowledge of a successful strategic account executive who knows the account intimately through years of working with them. You cannot put your rock star sales executive on every account, and not every account can have someone with five years experience and expert-level industry knowledge. Instead, we’ve automated some of the best account executive practices, such as knowing the right account to pursue, identifying the buying team at the account, having high quality sales conversations as the deal progresses, and leveraging existing relationships to get the deal signed. Spiderbook works because we are able to automate all of this at massive scale. We use data science to read the entire business Internet, billions of web pages, SEC filings, social posts, all the signals that quantify spend, business fit, trust, and cultural match. But discovering the perfect account only matters insofar as sales can act on it. Thus, Spiderbook goes deeper into the sales funnel to consider if the individual buyers can be reached with a personalized message, did they go to the same school as the salesperson, are there any common interests and intelligence that sales can use to talk to them. The goal is to simulate the intuition and experience of a good strategic account manager in every way.

But Spiderbook has only invented half of the future; Demandbase has created the other half.  


What Is Now Possible?

Spiderbook + Demandbase is the world’s first end-to-end Account-Based Marketing Platform that spans from account identification all the way to deal close, all while providing a consistent brand experience. It incorporates discovering and continuously refining in-market accounts, targeted ads, and a personalized online experience on the web and chat. It crosses over to Sales by automatically identifying the complete buying team and provides personalized messaging to engage them effectively. Finally the solution provides continuous account insights to maximize the quality of sales conversation during the sales cycle and even beyond.


How We Got Here

Even before we met Demandbase, our first large customer, Host Analytics, started taking our target-accounts and buyer profiles from Spiderbook and using Demandbase to reach them. The output from Demandbase would then flow back into Spiderbook for Sales to act on. The Spiderbook/Demandbase partnership was a no-brainer, but we both realized that the best B2B buying experience could only be achieved with a single fully-integrated solution.


The First End-To-End Platform

There are many ways to look at our merged solution. It is a demand generation leader’s ability to target those “whale” accounts with an end-to-end marketing effort. It is an SDR tool that leads to 5-10x more responses from prospective customers. It is something your Account Executives take with them into meetings and helps them close more deals. But most importantly, it is a combined solution for the B2B buyer.


The typical B2B buyer does not always fit into the simplistic patterns that lead scoring tools look for. Together with Demandbase we are inventing the experience B2B businesses want to provide to their valued accounts and buyers. Most importantly, we are delivering the world’s first end-to-end ABM Platform that spans from account identification to deal close, all while delivering a consistent brand experience.


To learn more, read the press release.


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