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How is Spiderbook Different? Introducing Customer Relationship Discovery (CRD)

Ugh. Do we really need yet another CRM system? Yes, we do, and here’s why: Spiderbook performs a different function. Lots of other modern CRM systems like RelateIQ, BaseCRM, and Clari, are focused on salesforce automation, providing a better interface to write up and track the deal, enter forecasts, and communicate with sales management. Their goal is to perform all these functions faster, better, cheaper, so sales managers are kept up to date with the latest information from the field while the salesperson is selling. They are the smarter versions of the early CRM systems.


Spiderbook does not address this aspect of CRM at all. We are not focused on the latest interface design gizmos or letting your sales managers and general management know what’s happening in the field with your deal. These internal sales processes are not our point. There are already enough such internally-facing tools.

Customer Relationship Discovery

Spiderbook’s fundamental insight is that CRM is not really helpful in SELLING, and wouldn’t be even with the best interfaces or perfect speech recognition or a mind-communicating device (no data-entry required there!) to magically tell the sales manager about the deal status, etc. Sure, clunky interfaces have been improved so that data-entry today is less painful for the salesperson. But even if you could eliminate data entry altogether, you would have just reduced the pain, not improved the deal itself.


Spiderbook approaches the problem from the salesperson’s perspective, laser-focused on creating new deals and increasing the company’s top-line. Spiderbook is built to help salespeople create new deals and close them faster by discovering information that gives them the competitive advantage to do so. Spiderbook crawls, reads, and understands billions of documents so salespeople don’t have to. It can help them connect dots they just cannot do in their heads. It aggregates data from the complete internet including SEC filings, job posts, blogs, tweets, press releases, websites, facebook posts, ebooks, etc and provides a personalized plan on closing a deal. Spiderbook is like a navigation system to the prospect. After understanding all the data, it provides step-by-step guidance into what priorities the prospect is focused on, who are the key decision makers, how and when to get introduced to them, and what conversations to have to help close that deal. But thats not all! Spiderbook also recommends new prospects, ones that need your product or service the most but more importantly where there is a good match, intent, and budget.


Spiderbook has a different view on CRM. It’s external facing vs. internal facing. It will integrate with internal facing sales execution tools necessary for better reporting, negotiations, and tracking within your company. Spiderbook is more than just a different take on CRM. We are beyond CRM. What we do could more aptly be called Customer Relationship Discovery (CRD). The CRMs look in; we look out–for you!

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