• Alan Fletcher


    Alan wears many hats at Spiderbook, from engineering to operations. Previously he was the executive in charge of development, support, and global operations for Rimini Street, the world’s leading provider of third party maintenance for enterprise software. Before joining Rimini, Alan spent more than 20 years at Oracle with executive roles in consulting, development and support. He was the VP and Head of Operations of Oracle development, administering an annual operating budget of $2 billion, with responsibility for more than 15,000 employees and direct management of almost 2,000. Earlier in his Oracle career, he grew the CRM development organization from 25 people to more than 2,500 and ran internal IT for Oracle’s Business Applications. He has extensive and deep experience in development, support, consulting, operations, marketing, and sales. His career started in the UK as a software consultant working with many name brand companies. He has a BS in Chemistry with Computing from Imperial College, London University.

  • Aman Naimat


    Aman works on all aspects of Spiderbook including understanding of massive amounts of unstructured data and transforming it into Spiderbook’s Business graph. Aman has been building CRM systems since he was 19. He previously co-founded TopCorner, an online micro-lobbying platform for government. He also founded and worked in various startups in search, trading systems, and enterprise software. Aman was also the architect for IBM SuperSell Enterprise and Oracle CRM. He was the Director of Special Projects for the CEO's office at Oracle and Senior Director of Product Management in the Oracle Database Group. Aman earned a MS in Computer Science with research focused on natural language processing (NLP) from Stanford. He also has a MA in Public Policy from Stanford and was a Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has a number of patents and scientific publications in Information Retrieval, CRM, and Databases.

  • Seth Myers

    Chief Scientist

    Seth is the Chief Scientist at Spiderbook, focused on using network analysis and machine learning to gain insights from the Spiderbook business graph. He was a data scientist at Twitter, Marin Software, and Qforma, as well as a Fellow at XSeed Capital. He recently completed his PhD in computational mathematics at the InfoLab group in Stanford’s CS department, where he also received his MS degree. His thesis dealt with the application of machine learning methods to social networks. Seth core interest is the application of machine learning and data mining of massive real world datasets. He received his BA from Northwestern University, where he triple-majored in math, physics, and integrated science. Seth has a number of publications in international conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

  • Mehwish Riaz

    Natural Language Processing Scientist

    Mehwish is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist at Spiderbook, Inc. She earned her MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her specific area of interest is the extraction of semantic relations between various events or entities. One of the most common yet challenging semantic relation is cause-and-effect. Mehwish’s PhD dissertation researched the extraction of causal associations. Automated extraction of such relations from natural language facilitates the understanding of the flow of events in order to make decisions and predict the consequences of those decisions. In this research area, she has authored a number of articles published in SIGdial, IEEE-ICSC and EACL conferences.

  • Sarah Neyaz

    Director - Interaction Design

    Sarah is the product designer at Spiderbook focused on making the user experience beautiful and usable. She has extensive experience working for large corporations to small startups in the UX space. Before Spiderbook, Sarah was the UX design lead for a healthcare IT product at The Advisory Board Company where she improved and evolved the digital experience within EMR systems. She thrives at the intersection of technology and design and reduces complex digital experiences into simple, elegant and useful interfaces. She has a BA in visual communication & design from The Ohio State University.

  • Adam Nichols

    Director of Customer Success

    Adam runs Customer Success at Spiderbook. He’s in charge of the team that does whatever it takes to assure customers are seeing value. Adam dives into customer relationships whole-heartedly, whether he’s sending masterfully-crafted emails, intensely listening to business pain points, or clearly explaining the nuances of a new feature. Adam has spent his career focused on customers and their success, from making many of Salesforce.com’s first customers thrive, to managing impactful partnerships at Zuora, to bringing the benefits of yoga to corporate workers via a company he started with his wife. Adam has a BA from Tufts University, where he majored in English with a focus on Creative Writing.

  • Andre Sternang

    Head of Onboarding and Data Quality

    Andre is in many ways our big data shepherd. He is responsible for ensuring that the data in our system is accurate and that delivery to our customers is on time. He is also assisting with improving our processes and automation across the company. Previously Andre worked at Rimini Street for 6 years, where he took a small team of 5 people and grew it into a global team of over 350 individuals. He also analyzed their current processes and procedures and improved efficiencies and reduced costs significantly.