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Spiderbook uses data science to give you qualified leads that are 10x better.

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Why Spiderbook?

10 xMore Conversions
  • Outsourced 1-2%
  • LinkedIn 3-5%

Outbound sales is broken, Spiderbook has finally cracked the code. - CMO, AlchemyAPI

  • Personalise messaging

    personalize messaging

    We provide personalized talking points by company and contact.

  • Recognize intent

    recognize intent

    We have unparalleled cognitive technology to identify interested people and companies.

  • leverage right intros & references

    leverage right intros & references

    We utilize your business network to predict the most likely bridge to your next customer.

  • get new outbound leads

    get new outbound leads

    We track behavioral signals of your prospects to discover new leads that compliment your existing inbound channels.

  • 100% verified

    100% verified

    We triple verify people and provide the most current and accurate information.

  • 100% automated

    100% automated

    We can help you scale your sales organization.

How does it all work?

Spiderbook reads and understands billions of documents and over 250 terabytes of information so your sales people don’t have to.

  • Understand Culture

    We are able to quantify the culture of a company to predict whether it would likely do business with you.

  • Leverage Trust & Social Selling

    We utilize your customers and partners network to identify new opportunities using network intelligence.

  • Identify Need and Budgets

    We read and understand financials, hiring, and deal patterns to know who needs your product and services.

  • Uncover hidden reasons driving deals

    We can find the unique reasons behind your current deals and generate your ideal customer profile automatically.

  • Proprietary Data

    We have the only dataset in the world of every company's business network (customers, partners, suppliers, competitors) along with the people and products involved in those deals.

  • Find the right company and person at the right time

    We are constantly reading billions of news, logs, job posts, sec filings, etc to identify when to approach a prospect.

Deepest cognitive sales engine that works like Google to identify your next deal. - VP of Sales, Oomnitza

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